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Grammer Seat

The optional premier suspension seat offers the ultimate in comfort. Adjustable backrest, armrests and lumbar support with weight-adjusted suspension control provide maximum comfort for operators of all sizes and preferences.

Radiator Cleaning Wand | Shop Tip

Multi-stream sprayer combs water pressure through radiator without damaging fins. Dislodges packed-in debris that can become an invisible source of engine overheating.

Side Discharge Control Kit

The Side Discharge Control Kit allows for temporary “on-demand” restriction of the side discharge opening to divert clippings when mowing along sidewalks, planting beds and other landscape features. Pull the lever back to raise the discharge shield and lower the restrictor simultaneously; push the lever forward to raise the restrictor and lower the shield to return to side discharge. Available for all Grasshopper MidMount™ and FrontMount™ decks (48” and larger).

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